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The Delivery Prophets

From the impact of technology on delivery logistics to changing consumer demands and preferences, from the rise of dark kitchens to the opportunities from virtual brands, podcast listeners will gain a deep understanding of the forces shaping the sector.


Whether you're a delivery company, marketplace app, technology company, restaurant owner, investor, or simply someone who loves to order takeout, The Delivery Prophets is the perfect way to stay informed and ahead of the curve in the world of food delivery. 


Tune in for insights, interviews and analysis that will keep you ahead of the game in this exciting and ever-evolving industry.

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What they say


I’m not getting paid by Peter Backman. It’s just that his content - every single darn week - is so damn good!


Atul Sood

Chief Business Officer

Kitchen United


It's Peter's open mind to new approaches along with leaving your ego at the door that makes this a different kind of podcast!

Christ Baggott headshot_edited.jpg

Chris Baggott

Co-founder / CEO



Keep up the amazing work, the industry values your podcast opinion and thoughts!


Andrew Maxwell




Big fan of the podcast - really insightful conversations!

Eoghan Quinn.jpeg

Eoghan Quinn

Head of Sales


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